Closed Captioning Services

At SMV, we offer complete media localization services. This includes closed captioning services, subtitling, translation and transcription services, video subtitling, and dialogue and continuity list services. Simply put we are the one-stop-shop for localization services.

Our project managers are experienced and dedicated to coordinating your projects while our editors provide both fast and accurate services. Each of our translators span the globe to unlock your content for audiences around the globe.

Closed Captioning (CC) Services

There are no finer closed captioning services than those provided by SMV. Closed Captioning, which is also known as “CC”, is the process of producing text at the bottom of a screen. Closed captioning is a transcription of the audio portion of a particular program as it is occurring.

Closed captioning makes that program accessible to viewers who are either deaf or hard of hearing. There are also FCC regulations that mandate that all new and non-exempt programming be required to provide that closed captioning.

SMV ensures that the closed captioning services provided are as accurate as possible, providing a quality that ensures the accuracy of the dialogue being spoken. Never settle for closed captioning that is inaccurate or incomplete.

While subtitling and closed captioning are very similar in nature, they are not the same thing. Subtitling is a transcription of the audio portion of a program that appears on the screen as it is occurring. Generally speaking, subtitling is used for dialogue or audio when it is in a foreign language.

SMV’s experienced and dedicated translators ensure that the subtitling provided is as accurate as possible. Getting incorrect subtitling can literally change the film and you should rest comfortably knowing that every line is delivered accurately.

Subtitling (Sub) Services

Video Description (VDS) Services

Video description is known as the insertion of audio narrated descriptions of a program’s key visual elements into natural pauses found within the program’s dialogue. This makes the video programming accessible to viewers who are visually impaired.

SMV offers video description services as part of our overall localization services.  That video description is also available as a secondary audio program (SAP), for select programming. We prioritize accuracy above all else, ensuring that your video description services are of the utmost quality.

Generally speaking, these scripts contain verbatim spoken dialogue, credits, and music indications that are created to match the final version of that episode or film. Dialogue lists are typically used for dubbing purposes, creating foreign language translations.

Dialogue lists are also used for broadcast television, movies, and projects that go directly to video-on-demand or DVD. Whatever your dialogue list needs, SMV can provide a wide array of localization services.

Dialogue List (DL) Services

As Broadcast Script (ABS) Services

We like to live by the mantra of “if you need it, SMV provides it.” With As Broadcast Script (ABS) services, also known as ABS, these scripts are made to match the final version of the episode or program when it comes to verbatim spoken dialogue, speaker IDs, and time-code.

As the name implies, As Broadcast Scripts are traditionally requested and made for television broadcasts. Our technicians are not only experienced but versatile as well, providing the best ABS services around.

This is a combination of a dialogue list and a spotting list. The dialogue list will contain verbatim spoken dialogue and is positioned next to the spotting list. The spotting list provides the actual subtitle and in time codes, including scene changes.

Our localization services are truly second to none. From the beginning of the process to the end, our dedicated team can meet all of your needs and surpass all of your expectations.

Combined Dialogue Spotting List (CCSL) Services

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