Audio Mixing and Post Production Services

The audio for a particular project can have just as substantial of an impact on the overall quality of the project as all of the visual aspects. Don’t settle for subpar post-production audio services when you can bring in the experts at SMV.

We both mix and master projects in all genres and for all territories. It doesn’t matter if your release is for theatrical, streaming, mobile or television, we can cover all of your bases to output the finest audio quality.

We have Emmy Award-winning artists on staff to ensure that your soundtracks remain true. Our goal from the beginning of the project to the end is to conceive, develop, and refine your sound design and final mix to meet even the most rigorous of standards.

Our technical expertise is enough to separate us from industry competitors, but our facilities are simply unrivaled to provide the complete audio package. SMV is capable of providing laybacks, voice over, sound design, sweetening, versioning, audio editorial, and everything under the sun for your project.

Audio Mixdown Service

We take the audio mixing process very seriously at SMV. Our process is one in which multiple recorded sounds are combined into one or more channels. During the mixing process, the level, frequency, and dynamics of the source signals are manipulated, and special effects can be added as well.

Audio mixing is done in a state-of-the-art studio and requires skilled and experienced talents to properly achieve. There are a number of audio post-production companies in the Los Angeles/Burbank area, but none of them can offer the level of quality that SMV can.

Conform and Laybacks Service

Also known as synchronization, audio conforming is the process of placing the audio in matching time with the video that accompanies it. Conforming requires attention to detail and can make the difference when it comes down to the final product. This is because the average viewer will begin to notice conforming issues when the audio and images are two or more frames apart.

Conforming can also be done in real time as well as in studio during the post-production process. After the audio has been conformed, it is then ready for layback. Layback is the recording of a final, conformed audio track to a master video. The process is a combination of the final audio with the final picture.

SMV offers a level of quality service that spans across all areas of the post-production process, tying your project together with the utmost attention to detail.

Voice Over Service

At SMV, we can also provide voice over to any project. Voice over is a production technique in which a voice that is not part of the story’s narrative and is used in a variety of presentations. This can include television, radio, film, and other productions.

Voice overs are pre-recorded and then later placed over the video; they are commonly used for news features in order to further explain the information being presented. Our audio technicians can help you achieve the best voice over quality possible for your project.

Audio Sweetening Service

SMV will make your audio sound sweet (pardon the pun)! When it comes to audio production, sweetening is a term that is used to describe the process of “juicing up” the audio portion of a media project, be it film or otherwise.

Sweetening can be used to lend visual credibility to audio tracks. It has origin ties to old-time radio, where the audio had to lend to the video credibility in order to tell that story through sound only. Sweetening your audio production can put a project over the top.

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