Audio Mixing, Sound Design, and Audio Post Production Services

If you need professional audio post production services for cinema, television, and streaming at affordable rates, you’ve come to the right place. Our full-service post production solutions wouldn’t be complete without our commitment to excellence in post sound.

At SMV, we provide the finest sound designers, editors, mixers, and top-notch stages, including ADR and Foley; Avid HDX mixing consoles; JBL and Genelec monitoring; and flawless 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos mixing stages. Our facility in Burbank boasts dynamic sound stages, 14 boutique edit booths, and dedicated control rooms. We provide immersive mixes for all kinds of sound formats, including DTS: X, all Dolby formats, and IMAX 5.0, 6.0, and 12.0. Our audio engineers create robust, unique soundtracks for clients like Disney, Lionsgate, Discovery, and many more productions that demand the best sound design in the industry.

Below you’ll find our full list of audio post production services. Every suite, recording booth, and soundstage in our facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and software, where you’ll work alongside our in-house team of award-winning engineers with decades of experience in audio post production. Our creative team affords industry-leading audio services for clients of all sizes, genres, and budgets. 

For any questions about our sound design, audio mixing, or other post production services, contact us here or call 818-333-0333.

Sound Design and Editorial

For 40 years, we have led the post production industry by offering audio services for all of our clients. Our sound designers have produced award-winning soundtracks for corporations, independent projects, and some of the world’s biggest entertainment companies. We work with feature length films, video games, theater productions, television, streaming, and more.

Our 14 edit booths and fully-equipped Foley, ADR, and mix stages give us the ability to provide the best possible sound to fully enhance your projects. Whether it’s music, effects, or dialogue, SMV is a one-stop shop for all your sound design needs. Our professionals are proud to apply their skills in order to provide you with the utmost care and attention.

SMV uses only the latest digital sound tech systems, providing you the ability to layer as many high-quality audio tracks as possible, creating strong, crystal-clear sound.

Re-Recording Mix

When your project is nearing completion, our mixers will help you put the cherry on top. Re-recording mixes at SMV are second to none, powered by Avid ProTools HDX, JBL 5.1 and 7.1 monitoring, and Dolby Atmos systems.

Your team will have the chance to work closely with professionals who dedicate their skills to perfecting the entire soundtrack of your project. Our audio engineers have decades of experience performing re-recording mixes for films, TV shows, streaming, and marketing. When you choose SMV studios for re-recording mixes, your project achieves world-class surround sound quality that strikes the perfect balance between dialogue, sound effects, backgrounds, and music.

No matter how specific your audio needs are, our experts are here to make sure your audio achieves the highest level of complexity, and is compatible with the latest viewing environments.

ADR, Voice Over, and Loop Group Recording

SMV offers automated dialogue replacement (ADR), voice over, audio description, and loop group recording at our boutique studios in Burbank. Unlike many other post studios, we have a large network of trusted translators and voice actors who we’ve vetted over decades in the business. If you’re looking to localize your film with English/foreign language ADR to reach a wider audience, we have the facilities and the professional connections to make it happen.

Our studios are outfitted with enough suites and soundstages to accommodate multiple projects at once. Our inviting stages can accommodate large loup groups or VO actors. We use only the best talent and latest software to create the best possible mixes and custom sound design for your project, whether large or small.

Sound Stages

Our Dolby Atmos certified soundstages can comfortably seat large groups and are outfitted with the latest technology. SMV’s soundstages feature dual monitor mixing consoles with Avid ProTools HDX, JBL and Genelec speakers, Stewart Snowmatte screens, and Barco and Christie 4k and 2k projects.

With our comfortable suites and Dolby Atmos stages, SMV is a favorite of major companies like Disney, Paramount, Discovery, and more. Our repeat clients enjoy the meticulous care of our experts who have spent years honing their craft. At SMV we work diligently to perfect your project’s sound and deliver the best results possible. After forty years in the business, we continue to develop our methods and infrastructure, which makes us the leading choice for audio post production services in Burbank.

Dolby Atmos

All of our sound personnel and mix stages provide immersive Dolby Atmos content. Our facility’s mix  stages allow you to hear your project’s audio in the most advanced audio format to date, so you can work together with our experts to pinpoint your audio to perfection. Our surround systems are complete with up-firing and in-ceiling speakers, allowing for audio-object assignment and immaculate panning. By using Dolby Atmos monitors and sound systems, audio engineers at SMV are able to create extremely immersive soundscapes for the most demanding projects, including film, television, streaming, and videogames.

Foley Stage

SMV can provide your project with impeccable Foley, providing you with top Foley artists and mixers to fulfill your soundtrack. When it comes time to deliver your mix, stems, and M&E, we have you covered, allowing you access to the worldwide market, worry free.

For 40 years SMV  has been the birthplace of pristine sound and practical effects for shows by some of the biggest names in entertainment.

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