Color Correction Services

Coloring your project is all about delivering the highest quality visuals, and setting the perfect mood for your audience. For cinematic color correction that meets all budgets, look no further than SMV Post Production Services. Our Talented Colorists can accommodate any fix or style. We offer pristine color correction services that give your project the perfect final touches, all in an inviting, creative, and comfortable setting.

We offer a full range of coloring services to both independent and established productions. Our award-winning colorists have years of experience coloring all kinds of unique projects. Since coloring involves meeting the creative vision of your project, our talent works closely with your team to tailor the coloring process to your unique desired look. Aside from cinematic presentations, we have succeeded in coloring a vast number of commercial projects. Our specialists will seamlessly adjust the colors of any production to meet your desires. 

Regardless of your project’s destination, SMV offers coloring for digital cinema, theatrical release, streaming platforms, and broadcast. We use Davinci Resolve, the most updated color correction software, with fast storage in Dolby/4K/UHD environments, bringing your project to life with the most precisely calibrated monitors achievable. Additionally, our DI Theatre is private and secure, with easy access, plenty of parking, and a seating capacity of 12 people. Our DI Theatre is set in a Dolby environment, and uses the highest quality projector and screen.

Color Correction, Grading, and Mapping

Color correction is a delicate and technical process. It involves toggling exposure, adjusting contrast, tone, or grain, and otherwise altering the color of an entire image or specific regions. It is ultimately one of the most important finishing touches to any production. When shooting video, a number of natural occurrences interfere with your visuals. Specifically, when shooting outside, weather and natural light change over time, robbing your footage of its consistency. Our color correction services optimize your video quality and process all issues that are bound to arise in the filmmaking process, restoring consistency and a natural look to your project.

Simply put, our color correction services fix all of your visual problems. Bad color correction (or worse, no color correction at all) results in awkward images that appear too dark, too bright, or just wrong. Such images are “incorrect,” and would ruin the potential of your content. Our experts will correct exposure, saturation, white-balance, and all tonal inconsistencies. By outsourcing your color correction to SMV’s specialists, your project will appear consistent and natural with the most beautiful colors possible, free from all visual blemishes and lighting issues.

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