Color Correction Services

The color aspect of a project is something that speaks to the audience on a deeper level. For this reason, it is imperative that your coloring be as accurate and robust as possible.

This is why SMV offers a full array of options for both your coloring and finishing needs. We can cover all of your needs from broadcast to theatrical, home entertainment to streaming releases and everything in between.

SMV is able to perform all of your color correction and grading services:

Whatever the need, SMV offers the best color correction and color grading services available in the industry today. Our award-winning artists will leave your project exactly as you imagined it, bringing it to life in ways that you may not have deemed possible.

Color Correction, Grading, and Mapping

Color correction and grading is just one of the many critical aspects of the post-production process. It may also be referred to as color grading, color balancing, or color mapping depending on what medium is being edited.

Color grading is the process of changing or enhancing the color of a motion picture or video images. Color mapping, meanwhile, is the process of transforming the color of one image to the color of another target image.

Lastly, color mapping is a process that is done for a number of reasons. This can include calibrating the colors of two cameras for additional processing as well as adjusting the colors of multiple images for visual compatibility.

Whatever the need, SMV has the staff, knowledge, and experience to ensure that the job is completed in a satisfactory manner from start to finish. Never question the quality when dealing with SMV.

Color Edit Rooms

Much like our creative spaces, SMV’s Color Rooms are designed to inspire maximum creativity. We believe in seamless workflows so that the post-production process can move along steadily. Most of all, we believe in providing these while remaining within our customer’s budgets.

The space can be one of the most important aspects of the creative process. With SMV, you can get that optimal space while being within shouting distance of our award-winning team of artists. That is a level of convenience that simply cannot be matched.

Artists and Colorists

For the pinnacle of artistic excellence, look no further than color sessions. Each of our colorists and artists will work with our customers to ensure that their vision and all of the unique aspects that it may entail are met completely.

Our colorists are some of the best in the industry, each coming with years of unique experiences and projects under their belt. We understand the importance of the final creative step in the process. SMV is here to allow that final step to put a flourish on your project.

Need a Quote? Our workflow experts are standing by. Call us on 818 333 0333 or fill out the inquiry form.

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