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SMV post-production Burbank offers Digital Cinema Package (DCP) services that will ensure that your content is mastered professionally for public consumption. Whether you are screening at an arthouse theatre or a multiplex, SMV can deliver your project in a format that meets the most current specifications and has the highest in quality standards.

You can rest easy knowing that our Burbank post-production facility is equipped with the latest technology. Not only that, our award-winning staff are highly experienced in its use. The advances made to digital resolution have completely enhanced the art of cinema projection, but only if the film is correctly mastered.

SMV has been contracted by producers, directors, and production companies ranging in size to help them prepare their media to be viewed by audiences in 2K or 4K. We follow Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) guidelines in order to guarantee that your project will play on digital equipment anywhere across the globe.

We are also able to master projects ranging from trailers to short films and all the way up to features. Most of all, we promise to deliver your project on time.

At SMV post-production, we are proud to implement our DCP services and DCP creation with a wide array of studios. Be it a major studio mastering a summer tentpole for nationwide release or a first-time filmmaker getting a screening prepared for Sundance, we can cover every need.

Regardless of the budget involved, we treat each of our clients with the same level of professionalism and respect that anyone deserves. SMV can also provide additional DCP services like encryption and Quicktime for a nominal fee.

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Theater Media Drive Rental Burbank

In addition to our DCP services, SMV also offers the highest quality film transfers available. Be it 8mm, Super 8, or 16mm, we can transfer them directly to a hard drive, DVD, or a blu-ray. Whatever your needs are, we can meet them.

We use nothing but the best transfer equipment and procedures. Our team is highly skilled and experienced with the modern equipment that we implement, ensuring that every transfer is the most visually appealing that it possibly can be.

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