SMV offers unrivaled deliverable services using only the most reliable systems. Our clients enjoy state-of-the-art mastering and delivery tailored to the technological demands of 2021. Since 1982, our accomplished team has offered all-encompassing deliverable services for common and niche formats, across both digital and analog destinations. SMV creates deliverables for independent filmmakers, major studios, broadcast networks, all platforms, and other agencies. Regardless of your unique needs, we are committed to making the delivery process easy for you! Our deliverables services come with competitive rates, and we proudly operate under industry-leading turnaround times, so you’ll never have to delay the release of your content.

Digital Delivery Services

We help all kinds of production teams prepare their projects for distribution. As a crucial part of the post production workflow, our deliverables are efficient, top-quality, and quick. SMV handles delivery needs for dozens of gigabytes of digital content everyday, from standard definition to 4K deliverables. We cover the most in-demand formats of today’s digital environments, so you can easily prep your content for the big screen.

Our affordable digital delivery services include common formats like DVD/Bluray, MPEG2, H.265 (HEVC), H.264, and Digital Cinema Packages (DCP). In layman’s terms, SMV can convert your masters to codecs for all digital environments, including streaming services (HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu), the web (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), social media, physical media, and theatrical release. When outputting for cinema, our team carefully follows DCI guidelines, so your masters file will be ready for screening.

Sometimes, the delivery process becomes more complicated than simply converting your project from one file type to another. We are equipped to handle any difficulties that may arise while compressing your RAW media, such as color grading issues and other finishing elements. We make sure your media never loses its quality, and can assist in the movement between different color spaces, such as DCI-P3, REC709, REC2020, and REC2100.

While digital formats are the more popular choice for current filmmakers, SMV retains the ability to  output projects for physical delivery as well. Our film and video production services include tape standards such as HDCAMSR and other legacy formats. We create deliverables for studios of all sizes, and can prepare your project for the standards of all broadcast stations.

The delivery process is a vital moment in the post production pipeline. Our experts are here to help you deliver your project and get your film 100% ready for its audience.

Mastering Services

Our mastering services allow clients to achieve the highest quality files attainable. We believe that mastering film and audio is an art, and we are dedicated to obtaining the most pristine final renderings possible. The act of mastering your audio and video is no simple task, and it takes the right technicians to really get the job done. We use the most up to date software and workstations to master your project, no matter its destination. If you’re heading for cinema, DVD, YouTube, online streaming services, or broadcast, SMV has it covered. With over 35 years of experience, we continue to apply the most efficient solutions to the art of mastering film and video. 

Because your master file is the only version you’ll have before distribution, it’s crucial to examine its quality closely. You’ll want to get a quality control (QC) report before we create your deliverable. At SMV, our QC technicians specialize in the careful evaluation and diagnosis of film and video issues. Our Master QC Services are second to none, and ensure that your project meets its full potential, free from every possible error.

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