Creative Space Rentals

For access to the best-equipped post-production environments, Book one of SMV’s world-class creative space rentals.

Working at our studio, your team is sure to flourish. Bring your own system, or rent ours. Our studio spaces were designed by vetted technicians and Emmy award-winning editors to create the most productive environment possible. We allow content makers like you to harness the power of the most advanced post production tools, with the atmosphere to match. Our private edit bays, color edit rooms, and audio mix rooms are fine-tuned to meet any production’s unique needs. Besides providing you with critical tools for success, you’ll find that our comfortable and abundant suites and lounges provide the perfect setting to maximize your team’s productivity and creativity.  and abundant lounges throughout our facility are highly comfortable, and a perfect setting to maximize your team’s productivity and creativity.

Most importantly, when it comes to booking our creative space rentals, you’re in charge. At SMV, we pride ourselves on flexibility. You can rent for as long or short as you’d like. And, when it comes to scheduling, there’s no better place to book than SMV! As our client, you can always expect a time slot that fits your deadline, so you’ll never risk delaying the release of your project.

Creative Space Rental (4 Wall)

Our suites are complete with highly controlled edit bays, bullpen lounges, and rooftop balconies. Located in Burbank, you’ll be situated right near all the major studios. We’re also conveniently located within walking distance to dozens of great restaurants and shops.

It goes without saying that one of the most important aspects of the creative process is your immediate environment. At our facility, you’ll have the luxury of renting a production studio designed to boost motivation and focus, completely free of distractions. We’ve specifically outfitted our creative space rentals to make you feel completely in control of your project, all while maintaining a comfortable and at ease environment. You’ll have the most up-to-date software at your fingertips, in a creative space that allows your entire team to flex their skills and talent.

There’s no better post-production creative space rentals in the area than SMV! Besides our ergonomic editing interfaces, our private edit bays make for pristine viewing environments as well. With comfortable seating, large displays, surround sound, and 100% adjustable lighting, you’ll be able to catch every nuance of your projects.

When it comes to one of the most vital arts in filmmaking, don’t settle for less-than-ideal technology and setting. This will certainly show through your final product. By renting our production spaces, you’ll have access to the materials that will set your film apart from others.

Check out the brochure below to see our floor plans, edit bays, and additional services!

Creative Editorial Services

Alongside our immaculate creative space rentals, the experts at SMV offer a wide range of creative editorial services. Whether you prefer to use our private production spaces, or to work side-by-side with our award-winning editors, SMV makes your project come to life in the best way possible.

Our creative editorial services include everything you need before your film hits the big screen. From the first shot to the final credits, we offer quality editorial services that’ll place your film a cut above the rest. Using only the most up-to-date tech, we provide color correction services, closed captioning, audio mixing, master QC services, and more.

SMV will always foster a productive and professional atmosphere. This means that when you work with our staff, your creative vision is our absolute priority. Engaging our creative editorial services gives you access to one of the most sophisticated studios in Los Angeles, and the opportunity to collaborate with Emmy award-winning editors. In this regard, communication is key! Whether its color correction, audio sweetening, or any post production service, our editors have the ability to fine-tune your content to your exact specifications. We have years of experience working with both independent filmmakers and established production studios, across all genres and territories; nothing is too niche for our team.

For unparalleled creative space rentals and creative editorial services, book your rental with SMV today! The experts at SMV are here to provide everything you’ll need to make your film a slam dunk. We’ve been serving Los Angeles filmmakers for over thirty years, and continue to be the best post house in the region!

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